SOMPO Motorcycle

SOMPO Motorcycle FAQ

If you are looking to buy a motorcycle insurance that fits the protection you need but have questions about the coverage, this Frequently Asked Questions may provide the answers you need.

  1. What type of insurance coverage is available for SOMPO Motorcycle?
    There are 2 types of coverage for SOMPO Motorcycle, which are comprehensive & Third Party. 
    SOMPO Motorcycle comprehensive covers your vehicle against accident, loss or damage to your vehicle due to fire/theft, legal liabilities to the third party for death and bodily injury and more. Meanwhile, Third Party only covers the loss to the third party when an accident happens.
    For complete coverage, you are advised to opt for SOMPO Motorcycle comprehensive coverage, especially if your motorcycle is still under hire purchase with the bank.

  2. Is buying insurance for a motorcycle compulsory?
    Yes. According to the Road Transport Act 1987, the law enacted to make provision for the regulation of motor vehicles and traffic on roads, it is mandatory for the owners of motor vehicles using Malaysian public roads to have a valid motor insurance policy. Failure to comply with the Road Transport Act 1987 may result in a heavy penalty under Section 90 of the Road Transport Act, which comprises of a fine up to RM2000 or being put behind the bar for three months or worse; both

  3. How soon can I renew my motorcycle insurance?
    You can renew your motorcycle insurance up to 60 days before the expiry of your motorcycle policy period.

  4. How long does it take to renew my motorcycle insurance on your website?
  5. It only takes less than 3 minutes to renew your motorcycle insurance online. Do it now and get your renewal done at your fingertips. 

  6. What are the benefits of SOMPO Motorcycle's comprehensive coverage? 
    SOMPO Motorcycle comprehensive coverage provides well-rounded protection, which encompasses free towing up to 100km, free personal accident worth RM5,000, waiver of compulsory excess, all riders coverage and agreed value of sum insured for your motorcycle.

  7. Does SOMPO Motorcycle cover all riders that use my motorcycle?
    Yes, the policy protects your motorcycle when any of the authorised riders are using your vehicle.

  8. What are the additional add-ons available for SOMPO Motorcycle?
    These are add-ons available for SOMPO Motorcycle:

    Motorcyclist personal accident

    It's a personal accident plan for death, bodily injuries or disabilities caused by accidents.

    Inclusion of special perils

    It covers your vehicle against damage caused by floods, storms and other natural disasters.

    Unlimited towing
    Enjoy unlimited towing services anywhere within Malaysia during your policy period.

    Legal liability to pillion
    It protects you against legal liabilities sought by your passengers against you in the event of an accident due to your negligence. It is compulsory to have this benefit if you are driving in Singapore.

    Strike, riot & civil commotion
    It protects you against loss or damage to your vehicle caused by strike, riot, or civil commotion.

    You can choose these add-ons that cater to your need to lessen your financial burden when unexpected accidents happen.

  9. I have previously insured my motorcycle with another insurance company. Can I switch it over to SOMPO Motorcycle?
    Yes, you can switch your motorcycle insurance from other companies to us. Get your online renewal and NCD done together at the SOMPO Motorcycle website without stepping out of the comfort of your home.

  10. If I switch over to SOMPO Motorcycle, does it affect my NCD?
    No, switching your motorcycle insurance from another insurance company to SOMPO Motorcycle will not affect your NCD. Your NCD (No Claim Discounts) is only affected when a claim arises from your motorcycle insurance policy. As long as your insurance policy is claim-free, you can enjoy NCD as high as 25% maximum.

  11. How much will motorcycle insurance cost me?
    Your motorcycle insurance premium will depend on the type of coverage you choose, type of vehicle, vehicle sum insured and how extensive you want it to be. You can get your instant quotation at our website in just 1 minute. It is simple and convenient.

  12. Do you have a motorcycle insurance calculator for SOMPO Motorcycle?
    You can use our SOMPO Motorcycle insurance calculator at https://online.berjayasompo.com.my/motorcycle. Fill in the mandatory info and get your quote instantly. 

  13. How to get my motorcycle insurance policy?
    Once you have completed your renewal online, you will receive your motorcycle policy via email within 10 minutes. However, if you did not receive a copy of your motorcycle insurance policy after one working day, please call our customer service at +603 2170 7300 or email us at digital@bsompo.com.my

  14. If I have sold my motorcycle, can I cancel my insurance policy?
    You may cancel your Policy by giving us written notice. Your refund will be calculated based on a short-period basis as stated in our Policy Wording.