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SOMPO MotorNow is approved by Bank Negara Malaysia to be distributed via direct online only and there is no 10% rebate offered as the premium excluded the commission element. 10% rebate is only applicable upon purchase of additional add-ons.

SOMPO MotorNow

You Only Pay For The Coverage You Need. No More, No Less!

Why SOMPO MotorNow Car Insurance?

Here’s a little more about our comprehensive car insurance Malaysia

Pay less for car insurance Malaysia
Pay Less For Your Car Insurance
You only pay for the car insurance coverage you need. No more, no less.
Free private car insurance coverage for all drivers
Free Coverage for All Drivers
All authorised drivers are automatically covered and no nomination of drivers is required.
Comprehensive car insurance Malaysia for female drivers
Car Insurance Discount for Female Policyholders
Special 5% discount for female policyholders.
Instant car insurance renewal and update
Instant Car Insurance Renewal & JPJ Status Update
Instant car insurance renewal and connected to JPJ for your subsequent road tax renewal.
Choose your car insurance excess
Choose Your Car Insurance Excess
The higher the excess amount you choose to self-pay, the lower premium for your car insurance.
Claim car insurance Malaysia in short time
Fast Car Insurance Claim Approval & Direct Settlement of up to RM5,000
Get your car insurance claim reimbursement within 1 hour.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

About SOMPO MotorNow

What are the coverages available for SOMPO MotorNow Car Insurance?
SOMPO MotorNow car insurance offers comprehensive coverage and protection for your vehicle against any form of damage or loss (own or third-party) in addition to the protection against legal liabilities to third-party for injury, death, and property damage.
How early can I renew my car insurance?
You can renew your car insurance up to 60 days before your car insurance policy expires.
How long does it take to renew my car insurance?
SOMPO MotorNow car insurance offers instant car insurance renewal and you can easily renew your car insurance in less than 3 minutes.
How to get my car insurance policy?
For online car insurance purchases, the policy will be emailed to the email address provided. However, if you did not receive a copy of your car insurance policy after one working day, please call our customer service at +603 2170 7300 or email us at digital@bsompo.com.my
Can I add in another driver’s name under my existing car insurance policy?
SOMPO MotorNow car insurance covers all drivers and you are not required to name them in your car insurance policy.
Does Berjaya Sompo car insurance offer add-on coverage for e-hailing?
Yes, we are the panel insurer for e-hailing service. E-hailing add-on covers liability to drivers, fare-paying passengers, and third-party liability as well. This add-on is available from 65 cents per day or RM 240 per year.
How can I renew my road tax after I have renewed my car insurance with Berjaya Sompo?
You can renew your road tax at any post office, JPJ office or online through MYEG website.
Covering every part of every day

Learn more about the products we offer

Motorcycle Insurance
  • Get an instant online quotation in 1 minute.
  • Auto-update to JPJ system once insurance policy has been renewed.
  • Revised pricing with affordable premium rates.
  • Simple purchase journey with 100% safe and secured system.
Hospital Income Insurance
  • Premium as low as RM0.31 per day.
  • Covid-10 coverage with up to RM5,000 lump sum hospital allowance.
  • Daily cash benefit up to a maximum of RM18,000.
  • Hassle-free sign-up process, no health declaration necessary.
Medical Insurance
  • Stay protected from as low as RM1.20/day.
  • Enjoy an annual limit of up to RM100,000 which is renewed yearly.
  • Cashless hospital admission.
  • Purchase online with no medical checkup required.
SOMPO MotorNow
SOMPO MotorNow offers comprehensive coverage for your vehicle against any form of damage or loss (own or third-party), or liabilities to a third party as a result of damage, death, or injury.
With our quick and easy online car insurance renewal portal, you can get instant car insurance quotation by only providing information such as your name and NRIC number, your vehicle information and NCD will then be auto-populated.
On top of that, you will enjoy complimentary all drivers coverage upon renewing car insurance with Berjaya Sompo Insurance.
So, you do not need to travel to any post office for your car insurance renewal anymore. With our online car insurance renewal portal, you can renew your car insurance at any time, anywhere.