SOMPO Motorcycle

Benefits of SOMPO Motorcycle Insurance

SOMPO Motorcycle is our new and improved motorcycle insurance policy. Not only it is a comprehensive motorcycle insurance that covers loss or damage to your vehicle due to fire/theft or accident, but it also comes with additional benefits that offer greater value to all riders in Malaysia. At Berjaya SOMPO, we always go the extra mile to provide the best motorcycle insurance in Malaysia. Find out more about the benefits of SOMPO Motorcycle Insurance below.


10% Online Rebates
Enjoy a 10% rebate by renewing your motorcycle insurance online with SOMPO Motorcycle. This way, you pay 10% lesser on your premium & No Claim Discount.


Free Personal Accident Worth RM5,000*
Another great benefit of SOMPO Motorcycle is the free Personal Accident worth RM5,000. You are entitled to free Personal Accident coverage when you purchase SOMPO Motorcycle. It covers death, bodily injury occurs, and disability caused by accidents. A lump sum of RM5,000 will be payable to the policyholder in the event of such a claim. If you wish to extend this coverage to your authorized driver and pillion, just purchase an additional add-on to your SOMPO Motorcycle. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


Agreed Value of Sum Insured*
SOMPO Motorcycle provides an Agreed Valued sum insured to comprehensive cover for a motorcycle up to 3 years old with no extra charge. The benefit of Agreed Valued, you say? We will pay you the agreed sum insured during the claim regardless of your motorcycle's current market value during the event of the accident happens.


Free Towing Up to 100Km*
Towing is necessary when your motorcycle breaks down or gets stuck on the road. SOMPO Motorcycle covers a single towing trip up to 100km from the location of the breakdown to a repairer workshop of your choice. Emergency towing coverage provides the best towing service and is available 24 hours per day whenever you have an emergency. It gives you peace of mind when you are driving on the roads.


Waiver of Compulsory Excess*
The compulsory excess is a fixed amount the policyholder must pay when making a claim, but with SOMPO Motorcycle, you can enjoy a 100% waiver. It means that you can enjoy 100% excess free with no additional payment required for any accidents or own damage claims on your motorcycle insurance.


All Riders Coverage
The all-riders coverage protects your motorcycle. It allows any rider authorized by the policyholder to use your vehicle. Usually, this extended coverage will incur an additional premium, but you can get the coverage for free with SOMPO Motorcycle.

You can renew your motorcycle insurance at our SOMPO Motorcycle online web portal. Complete your online renewal in less than 5 minutes without stepping out of your house, saving you the hassle of travelling if you usually renew it at any physical store.

Besides that, get an instant quotation for your motorcycle insurance using our motorcycle insurance calculator. It's easy--just fill out your name, identification number, motorcycle registration number and the postcode of the current city you are residing in. This process lets you know how much you need to pay for your motorcycle insurance; instantly!


Currently, SOMPO Motorcycle accepts multiple payment methods such as credit cards, online transfers and e-wallets. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry to SOMPO Motorcycle to renew your motorcycle insurance online and enjoy all the free benefits.


*Applicable to SOMPO Motorcycle Comprehensive only