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Travel Insurance With Covid-19 Coverage FAQ

SOMPO TravelSafe Travel Insurance - COVID-19 FAQs

Get answers to all the frequently asked questions about COVID-19.

Fully Vaccinated Malaysian can now travel freely without any further restrictions. Even though the world is re-opening, you will still need to consider the requirements of the airlines and travel regulations in the destination country, for instance, travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage, which often changes on short notice.

It is crucial to buy travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage that offers comprehensive travel protection that helps you travel with peace of mind.

Introducing our SOMPO TravelSafe comprehensive travel insurance with up to RM500,000 medical coverage against COVID-19-related complications. For information about your SOMPO TravelSafe, find out more in the FAQ below.


Does SOMPO TravelSafe travel insurance cover COVID-19?

Yes. SOMPO TravelSafe provides you with up to RM500,000 protection against COVID-19-related complications & more. It is only applicable to fully vaccinated travellers.


Do I need to get COVID-19 test before departure?

The COVID-19 test before departure depends on the requirements set by the destination country.


Which type of COVID-19 test result do you recognise?

We accept test results for RT-PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) & RTK-Ag (Antigen Rapid Test Kit), authorised by Malaysian authorities. Home Rapid Antigen self-test kit is not accepted.


Do I need to send the COVID-19 test result to Berjaya Sompo to buy SOMPO TravelSafe travel insurance?

You do not need to send it to us for buying SOMPO TravelSafe, but the RT-PCR Test result will be one of the requested documents for any claims on COVID-19 benefits.


Does the SOMPO TravelSafe travel insurance policy cover the cost of COVID-19 test?

Before the Trip
No, the SOMPO TravelSafe travel insurance policy does not cover the cost of your COVID-19 RT-PCR test.

During the Trip
SOMPO TravelSafe travel insurance policy will reimburse the cost of your POSITIVE COVID-19 RT-PCR test.


Am I covered for quarantine costs overseas if I am contracted with COVID-19 during my trip?

Yes, we will pay a lump sum of Overseas Quarantine Allowance of RM2,000 (for plan Elite A and Elite B) / RM1,000 (for plan Elite C) if you are required to quarantine. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy.


Are there any travel requirements I should know when buying Travel Insurance?

Yes, each country has its specific requirements, including COVID-19 medical coverage. We strongly advise you to check the travel regulation with the respective government of your destination country before purchasing the travel insurance.


Does the SOMPO TravelSafe cover medical expenses for COVID-19 only?

It does not only cover medical expenses for COVID-19 but also offer a wide range of coverage, including personal accident, medical expenses, travel delay, travel inconveniences and medical evacuation, as well as 24-hour worldwide assistance. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy.


Can I claim trip cancellations if I am contracted with COVID-19 before departure?

Yes, we will cover for trip cancellation due to COVID-19 before your departure in the aeroplane if you buy your travel insurance at least 14 days before your scheduled date of departure.


What happens if I am tested positive for COVID-19 during my trip?

We will pay for the Overseas Quarantine Allowance and Travel Curtailment benefit should you decide to return to Malaysia within the Period of Insurance.


How much medical expenses can I claim if I am contracted with COVID-19 while overseas and require medical treatment?

We have 3 travel insurance plans that cover up to RM500,000 in medical expenses due to COVID-19.


Do you cover medical expenses in Malaysia if I am tested positive for COVID-19 after returning to Malaysia from my trip?

No, we will not cover any medical expenses and hospitalisation allowance if you require treatment for COVID-19 after you have returned to Malaysia or completed your trip.


I am tested positive for COVID-19, but I don't have any symptoms and didn't get admitted to the hospital. Will SOMPO TravelSafe pay for the medical expense?

Yes, you may claim reimbursement for the cost of the Positive COVID-19 test.


What should I do next if I have to be admitted to a hospital due to COVID-19 during my trip?

Please contact our 24-hour worldwide assistance at 603 7628 3860. It's vital to call for advice and guidance before taking further action.


Does SOMPO TravelSafe travel insurance offer cashless admission at hospitals?

No, SOMPO TravelSafe travel insurance is on a reimbursement basis. Please keep all the original documents/receipts for any claims.

SOMPO TravelSafe Travel Insurance - General FAQs

Here are some common questions and answers related to travel insurance and buying online.


What is this travel insurance product about?

SOMPO TravelSafe travel insurance is a comprehensive travel insurance plan for both domestic and overseas travel that covers you against any injury, illness (including COVID-19), accidents and travel inconveniences during your trip.


Who can buy this travel insurance?

All Malaysians, Permanent Residents, Student Pass Holders or Employment Pass Holders/Work Permit Holders legally employed in Malaysia, dependent pass or long term social visit pass not including travel visa (that is issued by the relevant government authority in Malaysia) with full rights to enter into and return to Malaysia who are aged between 30 days and below 80 years old during the Trip.


How to buy this travel insurance?

You can buy your it online on our website. Simply quote, buy and instant cover.


What is the maximum day for Period of Cover?

The duration of cover ranges from 1 day to a maximum of 120 consecutive days.


I have a one-way ticket. Can I buy your travel insurance?

For one-way travel insurance, please call our customer service at +603 2170 7300 or email us at customer@bsompo.com.my


Can I purchase travel insurance once I have departed?

No, you must purchase before your scheduled departure.


When can I receive my travel insurance policy if I purchase online?

You will receive your travel insurance policy instantly via email once your payment is successful. However, if you did not receive a copy of your travel insurance policy after one working day, please email us at digital@bsompo.com.my.


Can I cancel my policy and get a refund?

You may cancel your policy by giving us a notice in writing. However, there is no refund of premium once the Policy is issued.


How can I nominate a beneficiary and is it compulsory for me to nominate a Beneficiary?

No, it is not compulsory to nominate. If you do wish to nominate, you can complete the Beneficiary Nomination Form at here.