SOMPO TravelSafe

Step 1

Select your destination, departure date, arrival date, total travellers and click on Get Quote.

Tip 1: You may select multiple destinations (up to 10 countries).
Tip 2: Arrival date will be based on the date you land back to Malaysia.

Step 2

The available plan and price will be shown, which is the final price for all travellers. Click on the Buy Now button to proceed.

Tip 1: Elite A plan has more coverage benefits compared to Elite B and Elite C.
Tip 2: Use email me quote to save the quote or send the quote to your friend.

Step 3

Key in all travellers’ details and click on the next button to proceed to payment

Step 4

Check all the information again and click pay now button to make payment.

Tip 1: Please double confirm on the email address as the e-policy will be sent to your email address.

Step 5

Select payment option to choose our payment method and click on the pay button.

Step 6

You’re done and you are now covered. E-policy will be sent to your email in 1 minute. Otherwise, click on the download button to download the policy.