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Why Going to Panel Workshops is Important?

When it comes to claim or repair the accident damage for your car, it is no doubt that you will choose the best and most trustworthy workshop to work on your car. This is why your insurance company has chosen only certain reliable workshops that has met their standard to be their panel workshops nationwide. But what does panel workshop exactly means?

Panel workshop is different for any other workshops that you normally go to for an oil change or tyre service. Panel workshop must be authorized by PIAM (Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia) and only workshops that have met high quality standard set by PIAM can get into the PIAM Approved Repairer Scheme (PARS) to be panel workshops to an insurance company. The purpose of this is to enhance the standard of service, quality and professionalism of workshops involved in the repair of accident vehicles. 

Therefore, you are rest assured that the authorised panel workshops has the expertise to work on your accident damaged vehicle if compared to any other normal workshops nearby your house. Panel workshop will have better facilities and equipment to carry out the repair work on your vehicle and often has faster repair time so that you can get your repaired car back as soon as possible. 

Berjaya Sompo Insurance now has a wide range of panel workshop nationwide and you can obtain the list from here. This list will include DRS (Direct Repair Service) Quality Workshops, Panel Workshops and WRRC (Windscreen Repair and Replacement Centres). When you encounter accident and need to send your car to panel workshop, you can just head over to the website and choose your state to find out where is the nearest panel workshop in your area as per shown below.

Currently Berjaya Sompo Insurance is working on to add more DRS Quality Repair Centre nationwide for the convenience of their car insurance policyholder in line with their aim to serve their policyholder better.

The benefit of sending your accident damaged car to panel workshop is always outweigh the benefit of sending your car to your neighbourhood workshop. This is because panel workshops employee are trained professionally to repair the accident damage vehicle. Besides that, it is a must to send your accident damaged vehicle to panel workshop if you want to make an insurance claim. They know very well the process of submitting your claim via online system Merimen. Their familiarity in handling claim cases can ensure that your claim can be settled faster so that you can get your vehicle back earlier and can continue with your daily life without the interruption of no transport.

Panel workshop also know where to get the original spare part for your vehicle as they are working closely with many automobile franchise dealers. For someone who is not familiar with car and spare parts, this can ensure that you are not getting scam by the workshop. Your insurance company will closely monitor the claim process too. They will have their team of adjusters to go to the panel workshop to carry out onsite inspection for your vehicle damage. All of these measures taken are to guarantee that there are no fraud in your claim.

As for the windscreen claim, you can send your vehicle to the authorised Windscreen Repair and Replacement Centre because they are specialized in handling windscreen repair and replacement. Therefore, you are guaranteed that the service that you get will be excellent because not all workshop can repair a chipped windscreen or damage sun roof.

Another great advantage of buying your car insurance with SOMPO MotorNow is that you can enjoy the benefit of Repair Warranty of 6 months against defects on new parts replaced and workmanship carried by the panel repairers during your claim.

If your accident damaged car has problem on the replaced parts or you are not satisfy with the workmanship, you can always bring it back to the panel repairer within 6 months. The panel workshop will have the obligation to meet your satisfaction in restoring your vehicle to its pre accident condition. 

Insurance company will do a yearly review to their authorized panel workshop to ensure that all the authorized repairer has met the quality standard required. Any complaint from the policyholders are taken seriously if they are not happy with the repair work on their accident damaged car. All these efforts are made to make sure the policyholders can receive high quality service from the authorized panel workshops because Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad care about their policy holder.