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Understanding The Add-ons Available For SOMPO MotorNow Car Insurance

When you are buying comprehensive cover for your car, it protects your car against the damage that occurred during own accident, in the case of fire and theft loss. However, the damage from natural disaster such as flood or tree branches fell down on your windscreen and crack it, it is not covered. You have to pay for it out of your own pocket. To protect your car against this unexpected event, you can buy car insurance add-ons based on your need.

If comprehensive cover is your main dish, then car insurance add-ons are your side dishes. You can choose any add-ons that cater to your need to lessen your financial burden when unexpected accidents happen. Here’s are the list of car insurance add-ons that you can add to your existing insurance.

Windscreen Coverage

When your windscreen is cracked or chipped suddenly, you still can claim your car insurance. However, your NCD will be affected and back to 0% upon next renewal. To avoid this, you can buy Windscreen Coverage to cover your windscreen for any damage without affecting your NCD. Your windscreen sum insured will cover the cost to repair or replace any of your windscreen, window or sun roof of your car.

Unlimited Towing Cost

In standard comprehensive cover, the towing cost is limited to RM300 only. Sometimes it is not enough to cover the cost of towing from your accident or breakdown location to the nearest workshop. For vehicle that does not exceed 15 years in age, you can purchase this add-on to cover the unlimited towing cost.

Inclusions of Special Perils

This add-on will cover the loss or damage to your car caused by natural disaster such as flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, volcanic eruption, earthquake, landslide, landslip, subsidence or sinking of the soil.

Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART)

You will be compensated based on the number of days assessed by your insurance company as required to repair your car after accident. This is to ensure that you still can move around with public transport or taxi for your everyday life with the compensated money.

Legal Liability to Passenger

Legal Liability to Passenger will covers you against legal liability sought by your passengers against you in the event of accident due to your negligence. For example, if you ferrying a friend with your car and accident happens due to your negligence, your friend can sue you for the injury that he or she sustained. This add-on is a must if you intend to drive your car to Singapore as Singapore’s Law required this.

Legal Liability of Passenger for Negligence Act

This add-on will cover you against a third party claim against you for the negligence of your passengers. For example, if your passenger accidentally hit another car when they are opening the car door, this extra cover will pay for the damage of the third party car. However, there is an exclusion for this add-ons. If the third party property or vehicle is owned or belongs to you or your passenger, this add-ons does not cover it.


If your car is used for hire and reward under e-hailing service license, it is compulsory for you to add this cover to your insurance. Besides the existing coverage in your insurance, this addon also provide cover for liabilities to third party, legal liabilities to fare paying passenger, personal accident cover up to RM10,000 in the event of accidental injury or death of you during the time of you ferrying fare paying passenger. This add-on also cover for legal liability of your fare paying passenger for negligence act such as damaging other vehicle when opening your car door.

Current Year NCD Relief

NCD stands for No Claim Discount and when you are making a claim to your insurance due to your fault, you will lose this discount and your insurance premium will be higher. NCD relief is an add-on to compensate you for the NCD amount that you may entitled during the claim to ease your financial burden. After all, your NCD will be reset to 0% on your next renewal.

Waiver of Betterment

When you are making claim and using new original parts to repair your car, you are required to pay for a proportion of the cost of the new original parts. This is called betterment. The percentage of the betterment that you need to pay are vary according to your vehicle age. Which means the older your car age, the higher the betterment. However, this does not apply for vehicle that are less than 5 years. To avoid paying for betterment during claim, you can buy this add-on. This add-on only available for vehicle that are not more than 15 years.

Vehicle Accessories

This extra coverage will cover for the damage of non standard accessories that you installed to your car. If you claim for the accessories only, your NCD will not be affected. However, this extra coverage is terminated upon settlement of your claim.

Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion

This add-on will cover your car against the wilful act of striker or the act of any person that taking part together with others in disturbance of public peace. However, civil war or act of terrorism is excluded.

All the add-ons mentioned above are available in SOMPO MotorNow, you can choose and pick which one to add to your insurance during renewal based on your need to protect yourself against unexpected incident. After all, the purpose of these add-ons are to lessen your financial burden in the future. So head over to SOMPO MotorNow to get a quotation for your car coverage plans and add-ons.