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A Step-by-Step Guide Buying Car Insurance Online

Do you know that now you can get your car covered without even stepping out of your house? Buying your car insurance online is made easy now with SOMPO MotorNow which is perfect during this pandemic. You can avoid going out to the public and minimize exposure to the outside world with this easy step by step guide on how to renew your car insurance online through SOMPO MotorNow.

Now with SOMPO MotorNow, you can easily get a quote for comprehensive cover or third party, fire and theft cover for privately registered vehicle as well as business registered vehicles that are for private use only. To be eligible to buy your car insurance online, you must be  above 26 years old. You also need to make sure that you do not have more than 1 claim in the last 3 years and your car insurance is not more than 2 months away from the expiry date.

Not only buying your car insurance online can save your time, you can also save your money. SOMPO MotorNow is offering 10% complimentary discount on the basic premium to lessen your financial burden during this hard time. The offer is limited to 4 August 2021. Besides that, SOMPO MotorNow also have 0% instalment plan for 6 months or 12 months for credit card issued by Maybank, CIMB and Public Bank. The minimum payment amount that entitled to this benefit is RM600. To save even more on your car insurance premium, you can also choose your car insurance voluntary excess. Voluntary excess is the amount that you agree to pay when you are making a claim toward your car insurance. If you choose to pay a higher voluntary excess during claim, your insurance premium will be lower.

Since you are buying your car insurance yourself, you can choose to pay for the only car coverage that you need. There is no hidden cost or charge at all. And best of all, SOMPO MotorNow is offering free coverage for All Drivers which means you don’t need to pay extra to nominate the person that will drive your car.

Here are the simple steps to renew your car online with SOMPO MotorNow:

1) Head over to SOMPO MotorNow and you will be greeted by this.
2) If your vehicle is privately own, click on Private (red) button below, if it’s business-owned, click on Business
3) Key in your details such as Vehicle Registration No, NRIC or Passport, your full name as per in your NRIC, postcode of the vehicle location and your email. Then click “Get Car Insurance Quote” and you will be greeted with your vehicle details as below
4) Make sure your vehicle details are correct especially your engine no and chassis no because if this info are wrong, JPJ will reject your insurance. A recommended sum insured range also available when you scroll down.
5) You can choose your preferred sum insured and other additional coverages depend on your budget. Please make sure that the sum insured that you choose is adequate to your vehicle value. Hence, it is important that you choose the correct vehicle make and model and engine capacity.
6) On the right side of the screen, you will see the breakdown of your insurance payment like below.
7) Double check everything before you proceed to pay and voila, your insurance policy is done after the payment is successful. The copy of your insurance certificate will be emailed to you and JPJ status will be updated instantly. If you do not receive your insurance copy in your email after one working day, you can call Berjaya Sompo Insurance customer service at +603 2170 7300 or email them at digital@bsompo.com.my

You can proceed to pay for your Road Tax online too via MYEG website without leaving your home. The whole process of renewing your insurance policy will take less than 3 minutes which really save you the hassle of driving to the nearest branch, looking for parking and waiting for your turn to be served at the branch.

You can renew your insurance online at SOMPO MotorNow website up to 60 days before your car insurance policy expires. If your car insurance policy already expired less than 14 days, you still can do it online. If your car insurance policy already expired more than 14 days, you can email a request to digital@bsompo.com.my for assistance.

Car insurance premium is on detariffication basis now. Therefore, every detail of you and your vehicle will have impact on the premium. For    your vehicle, you must select the correct model and cubic capacity of the engine as well as type of usage for the vehicle including private use   or business use.