SOMPO MotorNow
Please make sure you meet the following criteria:
  • Your age is above 26 years old and your vehicle is for private use only.
  • Not more than 1 claim in the last 3 years.
  • Your car insurance is not more than 2 months away from the expiry date.
  • Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara, All Ferrari Models, All Lamborghini Models, Audi A6, Audi A5, Volkswagen Scirocco & Volkswagen CC models are not accepted.
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SOMPO MotorNow – Safe Driver Campaign

Get rewarded for a being safe driver! Join our SOMPO Safe Driver campaign where you can get up to RM70 TNG eWallet credit when you renew SOMPO MotorNow car insurance with a minimum premium of RM700 and an NCD rate of 45% and above. At Berjaya Sompo Insurance, we believe in recognizing and rewarding drivers who prioritize safety on the roads, creating a safer driving environment for all.

The campaign starts from 20 Jun to 30 Sep 2023. Hurry, don't miss out on this amazing campaign! Buy/Renew online now to secure your rewards.

ProductsPayable PremiumSafe Driver Reward (NCD 45% or 55%)Total Reward
SOMPO MotorNow (Excludes SOMPO MotorSafe / TPFT)RM700 - RM1,300RM50RM50
RM1,300 & aboveRM70RM70
Campaign Prize: Up to RM70 TNG eWallet Credit
Campaign Date: 20 Jun 2023 – 30 Sep 2023
Follow these simple steps to participate in this campaign:
  • 1: Buy or Renew Sompo MotorNow online (New & Existing Online Customer)
  • 2: Once the online purchase or renewal is completed, you will automatically be enrolled in this campaign
Note: Eligible participants will be announced 4 weeks after the campaign has ended & TNG eWallet credit will be fulfilled via email within 1 month after the announcement. Terms & Conditions apply.
Example scenarios as below
CustomerPayable PremiumNCDSafe Driver Reward (NCD 45% or 55%)Total Rewards
Customer ARM80025%RM0RM0
Customer BRM80055%RM50RM50
Customer CRM1,50038%RM0RM0
Customer DRM1,70045%RM70RM70
Customer ERM60045%RM0RM0

Why SOMPO MotorNow Car Insurance?

Here’s a little more about our comprehensive private car insurance in Malaysia

Pay less for car insurance Malaysia
0% Interest Instalment Plan

Customers have a choice of 6 months or 12 months 0% interest instalment plans for credit cards issued by Maybank & CIMB Bank that have a minimum payment amount of RM600.

Pay less for car insurance Malaysia
Pay Less For Your Car Insurance

You only pay for the insurance coverage you need. No more, no less.

Free private car insurance coverage for all drivers
Free Coverage for All Drivers

All authorised drivers are automatically covered and no nomination of drivers is required.

Instant car insurance renewal and update
Renew Your Car Insurance Online Instantly With JPJ Status Update

Instant car insurance renewal and connected to JPJ for your subsequent road tax renewal.

Choose your car insurance excess
Choose Your Car Insurance Excess

The higher the excess amount you choose to self-pay, the lower premium for your car insurance.

Claim car insurance Malaysia in short time
Fast Car Insurance Claim Approval & Direct Settlement of up to RM5,000

Get your car insurance claim reimbursement within 1 hour.

Online Car Insurance & Motor Insurance in Malaysia: SOMPO MotorNow

Introducing our best car insurance & motor insurance packages. Our private car insurance & motor insurance protects your vehicle against any loss or damage caused by an accident.

SOMPO MotorNow Car Insurance Highlights

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Before making a Claim
Things That You Need to Know Before You Make A Car Insurance Claim
The complete guide to make a car insurance claim after an accident.
Buying online steps
A Complete Step-by-Step Guide Buying Car Insurance Online
Do you know you can get your car covered without even stepping out of your house?
Understanding add ons
Understanding The Add-ons Available For SOMPO Car Insurance
Car insurance add-ons that you can add to your existing insurance.
Why Panel Workshop?
Why Going To Panel Workshop Is Important?
The benefits of a panel workshop. Find out more now.
Everything Malaysian drivers should know about No Claim Discount (NCD) in Malaysia
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Sum Insured
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Understanding the E-hailing Add-On For Private Hire Car
Is your private car used for e-hailing services? Get started with Sompo e-hailing add-on today.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

About SOMPO MotorNow


What are the coverages available for SOMPO MotorNow?

Berjaya Sompo Insurance provides comprehensive motor insurance coverage and protection for your vehicle against any loss or damage caused by accident, third-party liability for injury, death and property damage. With SOMPO MotorNow online car insurance & motor insurance website, you can quote for comprehensive cover, third party, fire & theft cover or business registered vehicles for private use cover. You can now use our best car insurance calculator to get instant quote and make the purchase online.


What are some of the key terms and conditions that I should be aware of when I buy or renew SOMPO MotorNow?

Please make sure you meet the following criteria when you renew your car insurance online via our SOMPO MotorNow website.

  • You are between 26 - 75 years old, your vehicle is for private usage only.
  • Not more than 1 claim in the last 3 years.
  • Your car insurance is not more than 2 months away from the expiry date.
  • Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara, All Ferrari Models, All Lamborghini Models, Audi A6, Audi A5, Volkswagen Scirocco & Volkswagen CC models are not acceptable.

Please do note that selected make and models may not be covered.


How early can I renew my car insurance?

You can renew your car insurance up to 60 days before your car insurance policy expires.


Can I switch my car insurance to SOMPO MotorNow?

Yes, if your vehicle is already covered by another insurance company, switching over to SOMPO MotorNow is simple and easy. Best of all you can transfer over your earned NCD (no claims discount) over seamlessly via our online portal. Besides, you will enjoy complimentary all drivers coverage when renewing car insurance with us.


How long does it take to renew my car insurance?

SOMPO MotorNow car insurance offers instant car insurance renewal and you can easily renew your car insurance in less than 3 minutes.


How to get my car insurance policy?

For online car insurance purchases, the policy will be emailed to the email address provided. However, if you did not receive a copy of your car insurance policy after one working day, please call our customer service at 603 2170 7300 or email us at digital@bsompo.com.my


Can I add in another driver’s name under my existing car insurance policy?

SOMPO MotorNow car insurance covers all drivers and you are not required to name them in your car insurance policy.


Does Berjaya Sompo car insurance offer add-on coverage for e-hailing?

With the instant JPJ update of covernote, you can now get your vehicle road tax renewed via MYEG website or any post office that offers road tax renewal.


When was motor detariffication implemented and what factors determined a car insurance premium in a detariffed environment?

You only pay for the insurance coverage you need. No more, no less.

Besides the value of your vehicle and its engine cubic capacity, additional factors were used to determine your car insurance premium This includes location of your vehicle, marital status, gender, occupation, type of usage including private, business or e-hailing and many more.

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