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Please make sure you meet the following criteria:
  • You are between 19 - 49 years old & renewable up to 69 years old (Age Next Birthday)
  • You are a Malaysian citizen who is currently residing in Malaysia and holding a valid NRIC.
  • Your BMI (Body Mass Index ) ranges between 18 to 30
  • You have never planned or advised to consult a doctor for treatment or awaiting diagnostic reports, follow up treatment or consultation.
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Your medical insurance benefits at a glance

Here’s a little more about our medical insurance in Malaysia

Medical Insurance with Deductible Option

Deductible Option

Enjoy savings of up to 15% when you opt for deductible option.

Medical Insurance with No Lifetime Limit

RM100,000 Annual Limit & No Lifetime Limit

Enjoy an annual limit of medical coverage up to RM100,000 which is renewed yearly.

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0% Interest Instalment Plan

Customers have a choice of 6 months or 12 months 0% interest instalment plans for credit cards issued by Maybank, CIMB Bank & Public Bank that have a minimum payment amount of RM600.

No Medical Check-up Needed for Medical Insurance Sign-up

No Medical Check-up

Hassle-free sign-up process with simple health declaration.

Medical Insurance with Daily Cash Allowance

Daily Cash Allowance

Get daily cash benefit up to a maximum of RM12,000.

Medical Insurance with Outpatient Benefits

Outpatient Benefits

Covers annual outpatient treatment for kidney dialysis & cancer.

Online Medical Card in Malaysia: SOMPO MedicNow

Get Your Online Medical Card From Only RM0.86 per Day.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

About SOMPO MedicNow Medical Insurance


What are the coverages for SOMPO MedicNow Medical Insurance?

SOMPO MedicNow medical insurance is a health and medical insurance that offers an online medical card which provides comprehensive coverage on hospitalisation, surgical expenses, kidney dialysis, cancer treatment & more. MedicNow medical insurance will cover all your eligible medical expenses if you are admitted to our panel hospitals in Malaysia.


Why should I get a medical card or health insurance?

No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical care at some point. With SOMPO MedicNow medical insurance, we cover all your eligible medical bills and let you focus on your medical treatment and recovery.


Is medical checkup required to buy SOMPO MedicNow Medical Insurance ?

No, medical checkup is not required. However, you must declare a few health questions when you buy SOMPO MedicNow medical insurance online.


Who is eligible to buy SOMPO MedicNow Medical Insurance ?

Malaysians who are aged from 19 - 49 years old and currently residing in Malaysia are eligible to buy SOMPO MedicNow medical insurance. Our health and medical insurance policy is renewable up to age 69 years old.


Where can I purchase SOMPO MedicNow Medical Insurance ?

You can purchase SOMPO MedicNow medical insurance online at https://online.berjayasompo.com.my/medicNow/


Will I get a physical medical card?

No, you do not get a physical medical card. We will issue you an online medical card via email. You may show this e-medical card during hospital admission.


Does SOMPO MedicNow Medical Insurance have a panel hospitals list in Malaysia?

For list of SOMPO MedicNow Medical Insurance panel hospitals, please check here.

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What SOMPO MedicNow is about

Health & Medical Insurance can be the least of your priorities when you are young and just embarked on a blooming career or family life. Securing a medical insurance plan should, however, be one of your goals due to an increase in the cost of medical plans in Malaysia.

When contemplating which medical card insurance to choose, the most important thing is how much you can afford after you have committed be it monthly or yearly payment of medical insurance premiums. It is also important to understand the annual limit, you can only claim up to this amount if your medical card has an annual limit of RM100,000 in a policy year. Your medical card will not cover any amount above the annual limit.

With SOMPO MedicNow online medical card, it offers comprehensive coverage on hospitalisation, kidney dialysis & cancer treatment, surgical expenses due to accident and illness with an affordable premium as low as RM0.86 per day. Besides, Berjaya SOMPO MedicNow gives you comprehensive medical coverage to major hospitals in Malaysia.

The Berjaya SOMPO MedicNow online medical card also ensures immediate cashless hospital admission and you only need to settle any excess charges upon discharge. A range of other medical insurance benefits, such as a daily cash allowance and attractive discount are also provided by the online medical card. Furthermore, it covers you for a second medical opinion to help your treatment evaluation and offers no limit to receive wider options for medical treatment.

SOMPO MedicNow is a convenient medical card where you can purchase online in 3 minutes with no medical check-up required. It is fast, easy and affordable.