Safe Driver Campaign is BACK by popular demand!

You can now get up to RM100 eWallet credit when you buy/renew SOMPO MotorNow car insurance with 55% NCD entitlement. We hope this encourages more good driving behaviour for everybody’s safety on the road. Hurry, renew online now.

Payable Premium Renew With Sompo Safe Driver Reward (With NCD 55%)
Total Reward
> RM600 – RM1300 RM50 RM20 RM70
> RM1300 RM50 RM50 RM100
Sample as below:
Customer Payable Premium NCD
Renew With Sompo Safe Driver Reward (With NCD 55%) Total Reward
Customer A RM800 55% RM50 RM20 RM70
Customer B RM620 25% RM50 0 RM50
Customer C RM1500 55% RM50 RM50 RM100
Customer D RM1700 45% RM50 0 RM50
Customer E RM590 55% 0 0 RM0
Campaign Prize: Up to RM100 TNG eWallet Credit
Campaign Date: 20 Jun 2022 – 30 Sep 2022
Follow these simple steps to participate in this campaign:
  • 1: Buy/renew SOMPO MotorNow online
  • 2: Once the online purchase/renewal is completed, you will automatically be enrolled in this campaign
TNG eWallet reload pin shall be fulfilled via email within 3 weeks after campaign has ended.

Terms & Conditions Apply
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Travel Insurance
Car Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance
Hospital Income Insurance
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We’re part of Sompo Group, which provides insurance solutions for millions of customers worldwide. The Sompo Group boasts a global business network encompassing 218 cities in 30 countries and regions, including Europe, the Middle East, North America, Central and South America, Asia, Oceania and Africa.
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Customer care
With a customer satisfaction rating of 4.2/5 on Facebook, rest assured we will be there for you when you need us most.
Easy To Use
Easy to use website so you can breeze through to quotation and purchase.
Online Savings
Up to 25% premium rebate when you purchase any SOMPO products online.
Our Online Products
Car Insurance
  • 0% Interest instalment plan up to 12 months.
  • Complimentary all drivers policy, no nomination is required.
  • Online car insurance renewal with instant JPJ status update.
  • 24 Hours Roadside Assistance.
Motorcycle Insurance
  • Get an instant online motorcycle insurance quotation in 1 minute.
  • Auto update to JPJ system once insurance policy has been renewed.
  • Revised pricing with affordable premium rates.
  • Simple purchase journey with 100% safe and secured system.
Travel Insurance
  • Premium as low as RM1 per day.
  • Comprehensive coverage including personal accident, medical & travel inconveniences.
  • Multiple travel insurance plan options - single, group, family and annual plan.
  • 24/7/365 Worldwide Travel Assistance.
Hospital Income Insurance
  • Premium as low as RM0.31 per day.
  • Covid-19 coverage with up to RM5,000 lump sum hospital allowance.
  • Daily cash benefit up to a maximum of RM18,000.
  • Hassle-free sign-up process, no health declaration necessary.
Medical Insurance
  • Stay protected from as low as RM0.86/day.
  • Enjoy an annual limit of up to RM100,000 which is renewed yearly.
  • Cashless hospital admission.
  • Purchase online medical card with no medical checkup required.
Home Content Insurance
  • Premium as low as RM0.20 per day.
  • No penalization for underinsurance.
  • Complements your Houseowner Insurance.
  • Up to RM50,000 Sum Insured on your household contents.

Awards & Recognitions
Our goal isn't to win awards. Our goal is to offer the best insurance solutions that can protect you from any unforeseen circumstances. Even so, we're still extremely proud of our team's achievement that helped us earn recognition as one of the top insurance providers in the industry.